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Secure car access

With the increasing number of connected cars in the automotive industry, digital key access has become a new challenge to be addressed.  Based on an embedded secure element (eSE), a secure gateway and a contactless NFC reader, ST offers a turnkey solution for secure NFC car access, implementing the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Digital Key Specification.

Turnkey solution for seamless device-to-vehicle connectivity

ST is everywhere in the automotive ecosystem to propose a complete digital key system solution for secure NFC car access: in the digital key (device), in the door handle and in the car. The device (mobile phone, NFC card or digital key-fob) and the vehicle gateway are connected after mutual authentication based on asymmetric cryptography.

Integrated solution for car access (NFC + Secure Element + Automotive Microcontroller)

This automotive-grade solution implements CCC standard specification thanks to:

  • the robust and widespread NFC-A technology
  • CC-EAL5+ certified and tamper-proof embedded secure elements
  • its possible integration in body control or gateway module.

Secure NFC car access

Secure NFC car access

Enabled by digital key system

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