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Improvements to our quality of life​

The embedded security market is evolving rapidly from traditional smartcard business to a wide range of connected devices associated with a fast expanding communications infrastructure. In this rising digital economy, data is becoming a strategic asset. But as data travels from sensors to gateways, servers and finally the clouds, it is increasingly exposed to new threats and challenges that require new security approaches.

ST’s technology innovation

With over 30 years’ experience in security market and a leadership position in Arm® Cortex® 32-bit MCU & MPU, ST offers an unique and certified security ecosystem combining our knowledge base, products portfolio, reference software packages for seamless implementation of security functions within electronic devices, fully aligned with customer needs and compliant with new security standards.​

Complete solution

ST provides broad range of secure products and solutions which address the new security requirements and cover use cases ranging from simple devices to very complex infrastructure. This includes application areas such as the Internet of Things, Industrial and Automotive and encompasses also governmental or regulated requirements such as metering or Identity.​