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Embedded security for automotive

Around 80% of all innovations in the automotive industry today are directly or indirectly enabled by electronics. With the growth of connected cars and the automotive industry’s roadmap towards autonomous driving, security becomes essential for most embedded systems like Car Access, Secure gateway, Connected Car System, Sensors, but also for safety relevant applications in powertrain and chassis domains.

Secure car access

With the increasing number of connected cars in the automotive industry, digital key access has become a new challenge to be addressed.  Based on an embedded secure element (eSE), a secure gateway and a contactless NFC reader, ST offers a turnkey sol
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Secure gateway

As cars become more connected, their architecture is becoming increasingly complex, relying more on highly integrated electronic components. The trends towards high-speed in-vehicle networking and high-speed vehicle-to-cloud connectivity have raised
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Secure Qi charging

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi 1.3 and Qi2 specifications enable wireless charging at higher power levels for millions of devices. Car makers and manufacturers of Qi-certified chargers can address safety requirements with automotive-grade STS
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ST’s technology innovation

With over 30 years’ experience in automotive electronics, ST's automotive secure solutions are making driving safer and more secured through the combination of latest generation of automotive MCUs/MPUs and companion secure element, providing high flexibility of integration in customer's architecture, covering the requirements for the new era of digital technologies, and ensuring the integrity of traditional ASIL-B/D applications.

Complete solution

ST is proposing a full security offer based on embedded Hardware Security Module (eHSM) supporting the EVITA Medium/Full profile, and/or on embedded Secure Element (eSE) tamper proof EAL5+ common criteria certified and compliant with EVITA Full profile. ST is also proposing an embedded SIM (eSIM) offer designed for Automotive market for secure cellular connectivity. ​

Featured Products

Featured Products

Full seamless solution for secure device-to-vehicle connectivity and digital key systems compliant with CCC V3 specifications.

A safe way to open or close car doors or trunks using a smartphone, the combination of the STSAFE-VJ100-CCC secure element, SPC58 automotive microcontroller (main ECU) and ST25R3920B NFC reader securely manages keys and certificates as well as over-the-air software updates in compliance with CCC V3.0 specifications.

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