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Smart String Combiner Box

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The String Combiner Box, beside its main function of combining the outputs of a number of photovoltaic panel strings into one or two outputs to feed the main inverter, also provides overcurrent and overvoltage protection, arc fault detection and surge protection as well as current and voltage monitoring for each string.  In addition, to comply with provisions in section 690.12 of US national electric codes (NEC) 2014, many combiner boxes implement the Rapid Shutdown function  required in photovoltaic (PV) installations mounted on buildings or rooftops to  mitigate electrical and fire hazard for first responders and can also have means to exchange data and control information with a central server.

Our products for efficient String Combiner

With our range of high-performance STM32 Microcontrollers, flexible multi-protocol power line communication (PLMs) and wireless connectivity solutions as well as metering ICs and high-precision operational amplifiers for current and voltage measurement we can help developers design high-efficiency String Combiner Boxes that meet safety and fire regulations requirements.