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Industrial Communication

Tools and Software
In today's world, where manufacturing schedules and resources are often changed on the fly, it is important to ensure optimal planning and flexibility. To help reduce flow times and increase responsiveness, each machine inside a factory, as well as all its sensors and actuators, must be connected in real time to the factory process control and even to the larger supply chain and the cloud. Real-time communication down to the lowest level of sensors and actuators is then a key enabler of the Industry 4.0 concept. ST offers a broad range of interface ICs enabling wired connectivity for the most widely adopted standards – including CAN, RS-232, and RS-485 – and fieldbuses including IO-Link - Master and Device. We also provide wireless connectivity solutions for Bluetooth, Sub-GHz, LoRa, NFC, RFID as well as STM32 32-bit microcontrollers providing software support and all the necessary peripherals – including UART, CAN and Ethernet.

Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet

In factory automation, data connectivity is essential, especially now with the Industry 4.0 concept widening its scope. A number of standards are used to support specifically developed fieldbuses including the classic CAN (Modbus and CANopen), RS-485
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Industrial Gateway

With the Industry 4.0 digitalization, the industrial gateway play a key role, collecting data from multiple wired or wireless sensor nodes, and transmitting them to cloud applications or a central condition monitoring systems, to enable process data
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Paving the way to Industry 4.0, IO-Link communication networks (IEC 61131-9) can be used for bi-directional, point-to-point data connectivity down to the actuator and sensor level, enabling data pre-processing, sensor parameter tuning and advanced di
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Wireless and Contactless Sub-System

Factory automation, especially in the framework of Industry 4.0, increasingly demands more connectivity, flexibility, configurability and serviceability – all areas where NFC technology can help provide significant enhancements. ST offers a comprehen
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