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Game consoles

Video game consoles are powerful entertainment devices able to compute graphics assets and sound based on user interactions such as touch and press events. Portable/handheld consoles and TV gaming consoles have different power management requirements. Portable gaming consoles embed displays and a battery which leads to less available electrical power than TV consoles with their external power supply. This results in strict power efficiency requirements to ensure an ongoing gaming experience over several hours. Portable consoles can be low-end or high-end, according to the overall complexity of the system, including computing power, display size, number of peripherals, connectivity, and so on. TV consoles have an internal power supply connected directly to the electrical grid. Consequently, they can draw a lot more power but need to dissipate heat, which explains their greater bulk.

Key challenges

There are various design challenges associated with rendering performance, power consumption, and form factor in modern consoles. Portable consoles need more rendering power, while being more energy efficient and cheaper to manufacture. TV consoles need to be more powerful, smaller, and cheaper to manufacture.
Game console makers are also seeking ways to improve player experience by adding new ways of interacting with a game.

Our products and solutions

ST provides game console makers with products and solutions that enable energy efficient game consoles with highly immersive experience.
Our optimized and low-power Time of Flight sensors and accelerometers enable accurate sensing features to interact with games. Moreover, our leading-edge environmental sensors, including gyroscopes, temperature sensors, and ambient light sensors, enable extremely accurate interaction with the immediate environment.
ST NFC and BLE product portfolios enable secure and reliable wireless connection to remote controllers, smartphones, and many devices.
In addition, our expertise in power management enables efficient energy provisioning in a slim form factor.
ST also offers a large range of ESD protections to cover many use cases, including USB, HDMI, and SD card protection and other dedicated protection devices to ensure safe and sustainable designs.