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Gaming and XR Accessories

Gaming  Game consoles first emerged on the market around 50 years and have been in continuous technological advancement since then. Despite the growth of gaming on smartphones, game consoles remain popular with gamers due to the large screen capabilities, game processing power and more immersive experience that can be achieved. Traditionally game consoles were connected to mains power but as portable technology has improved, the mobile gaming experience has also been enhanced and powerful portable gaming consoles have emerged.

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Our products and solutions

ST has been present in gaming consoles and controllers since the beginning, providing the technology to introduce innovative functionality with high accuracy and low power motion sensors, low power wireless connectivity including NFC, Secure solutions, low-power microcontrollers and battery and power management products. 


Drone technology has been around for decades developed and used by government entities. In recent years drone technology has come to both the broader industrial and consumer markets and drone makers have been creating smaller and more portable drones. 

ST offers complete solutions for drones. Our microcontrollers and sensors support critical drone flight functions such as flight stabilization, altitude control, obstacle avoidance and autonomous navigation. We also offer motor control, precision amplifiers, battery management systems and connectivity solutions as well as design tools and development boards.