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Gaming controllers

  A game controller is a human interface device (HID) to allow users to interact with the video game world. The controller device is designed to register user inputs and actions, transmit them to a game console and in return receive commands from the game console to drive vibration/motor devices to enable haptic feedback. The full process is normally completed within the duration one video frame. Gaming controllers are evolving to add more innovative user interface options and more connectivity.

Key challenges

Gaming product designers often need to manage the following aspects:

  • Seamless wireless connections
  • Energy efficient devices for long operation
  • High processing performance
  • Low in-game latency

Our products and solutions

ST answers these challenges by providing a wide range of innovative products to the market. Our highly optimized and low-power Time of Flight sensors and accelerometers enable accurate sensing features associated with in-game interactivity, and our leading-edge environmental sensors such as gyroscopes, temperature sensors, and ambient light sensors enable highly accurate interaction with the immediate environment.
ST NFC and BLE product portfolios enable secure and reliable wireless connection to remote controllers, smartphones, and many other devices.
In addition, our expertise in power management enables efficient energy provisioning in a slim form factor.
ST also offers a large range of ESD protections to cover many use cases, including USB, HDMI, and SD card protection and other dedicated protection devices to ensure safe and sustainable designs.