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Mobile refrigeration

Mobile refrigeration systems range from large road and sea transport applications requiring high-power systems, to smaller cooling systems in vans and cars. Power consumption is a critical factor in these refrigeration systems, as they are powered locally by the same transportation vessel or vehicle.

Key challenges

The widespread use of mobile refrigeration in freight vehicles accounts for the largest source of wasted energy in transportation. This is because vehicles must keep their engines running to power the refrigeration and air-conditioning systems even when they are stationary.

These applications often involve high efficiency variable frequency drives (VFD) to drive brushless DC motors (BLDC) running from a battery. This is typically achieved with inverters that are based on a three-phase bridge consisting of three pairs of high-power switches and associated control circuitry. There is also a separate block for battery charging and management.

Our products and solutions

ST offers consolidated and high-end products for all motor control architectures. These range from traditional discrete topologies based on IGBT, Power MOSFET, and power modules, to highly integrated and intelligent STSPIN drives with embedded STM32 MCU and SLIMM intelligent power modules (IPM).

ST’s latest silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET are delivering new levels of efficiency. The new SLIMMM intelligent power modules (IPM) and plastic ACEPACK power modules allow scalable, high-efficiency power stages even in the order of tens of kilowatts.

STM32 microcontrollers and microprocessors come with extensive MC libraries to help designers build better concepts and solutions more quickly.