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Smart doorbell

Doorbells are getting smarter, offering new features, such as audio, video streaming, wireless connectivity, and presence sensing. Doorbells contribute to building security and enable residents to see and communicate with visitors from home or on the go, if there is an internet connection available. Most doorbells are battery-powered, and therefore require power-efficient battery solutions.

Key challenges

  • Design a compact form factor for easy set-up by end users.
  • Ensure high quality audio and video input and output.
  • Power management and the need for highly efficient batteries that ensure:
    • Low power consumption for an extended battery life.
    • Stable battery operation across temperature ranges, especially under cold temperatures.
    • Timely hibernation to save power.
  • Fast wake-up for real time monitoring.
  • Advanced sensing for presence detection, even in low light conditions.

Our products and solutions

ST offers high-performance ranging and presence detection sensors, STM32 ultralow power microcontrollers, NFC reader and tag ICs, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Zigbee, and ultralow power sub-GHz connectivity solutions. Development tools are available to help designers create smart, power-efficient doorbell solutions.