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Building safety and security

It is essential that buildings and homes alike provide a safe and secure environment for those working or living there. A network of sensors deployed throughout a building or home and connected to one another can help prevent intrusions, detect potentially dangerous behavior or continuously monitor the environment to detect fires, leaks or other potentially dangerous conditions.

Central alarm system

Central alarm systems serve as bridges, collecting data from wired or wireless sensor nodes. Sensor nodes run with different network protocols and support several wired and wireless standards. They collect and send information about the safety of the
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Smart doorbell

Doorbells are getting smarter, offering new features, such as audio, video streaming, wireless connectivity, and presence sensing. Doorbells contribute to building security and enable residents to see and communicate with visitors from home or on the
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Smart lock and access

There is  a growing expectation for Home and Commercial buildings to be safer and more secure environments. Smart Locks can help detecting and preventing intrusions by learning from usage and adapting to user’s behavior or enabling easier access to p
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Safety and security in residential and commercial buildings is essential and technology is enabling enhancements in these areas, by helping detect intrusion and potentially dangerous or un-expected behaviors – including from elder and people with dis
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Our products and solutions

ST offers a wide range of products including ultra-low-power STM32 microcontrollers, MEMS motion and environmental sensors, a full range of high-efficiency power and energy management ICs and both wired and wireless and connectivity solutions. Moreover, we provide a comprehensive set of hardware and software evaluation and development tools to help engineers conceive and design innovative products that make our buildings safer and more secure.