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Active 3D glasses

Active 3D glasses create a 3D viewing experience with the illusion of depth and dimensionality. The technology involves liquid crystal display (LCD) shutters that are located in each lens of the glasses. These shutters rapidly open and close in sync with images being displayed on a screen or monitor to offer each eye a slightly different perspective. While active 3D glasses are a popular choice for 3D viewing and home theater setups, they present some technological and practical challenges that need to be addressed for the best possible viewing experience.

Key challenges

Active 3D glasses require a power source like a battery to operate the LCD shutters, making the glasses heavier and bulkier than passive 3D glasses. They may also not be compatible with all 3D display types.

We can summarize the various challenges as the following:

  • Energy efficiency for a long operating life
  • Strict weight constraints
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Cross-display compatibility
  • Sufficiently rapid lens shuttering to ensure an enjoyable experience and avoid discomfort or headaches.

Getting the most from our products and solutions

ST’s wide range of low-power microcontrollers ensure that the glasses can achieve the required performance with minimal power consumption, and our power management architectures ensure efficient energy provisioning in a slim form factor.
Moreover, ST offers a wide assortment of ESD protection devices to cover many different use cases. From USB protection to HDMI and SD card protection, we have dedicated protection devices to ensure safe and sustainable designs.