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Medical imaging

A critically important subset of medical diagnostic equipment, imaging equipment provides information about organs and tissues, providing the medical staff with an incredibly rich set of data to support the diagnostics process.  Medical imaging equipment including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines can be extremely complex, bulky, and very power hungry. Designers must ensure that these important medical devices are extremely reliable and guarantee safety to both patients and staff as well as be extremely accurate in the detection and generation of electric signals used for image generation.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment are extremely complex systems where superconductive coils, which generate intense magnetic fields, and a highly accurate, high-power radio frequency system are used to excite the natural resonance frequency
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Ultrasound imaging

Ultrasound imaging works by using a probe to directly apply sound waves – in the non-audible spectrum – to a patient’s skin and analyzing the different travel times and amplitudes generated by their echoes when encountering different tissues and orga
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X-ray and computer tomography

X-Ray and Computed Tomography (CT) medical imaging technology utilize absorption properties of different materials or tissues to create an image of a body's internal parts with CT generating 3D views by collating together a set of spatially and tempo
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Our products and solutions

ST offers a broad range of products including ultra-low-power STM32 microcontrollers, high-efficiency power management ICs as well as high-performance operational amplifiers and comparators and protection devices together with a range of motor control solutions and specifically designed high-voltage mixed signal ICs for the generation of the high-frequency patterns required in ultrasonography systems.