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Heat metering

Heat metering systems, also called as thermal energy meters, are typically used in multi-residential buildings to optimally allocate heating costs based on usage. They measure the heat consumption of individual residences by measuring the heated water flow. Measurement data is then transferred wirelessly to the central unit. Thermal energy meters are powered by batteries, and thus low-power devices play an important role in defining system configurations.

Our products and solutions

ST supports designers with our unique system-level application know-how and a compelling portfolio of semiconductor products, evaluation boards and software development kits to overcome the design challenges posed by heat metering applications. The combination of ultra-low-power STM32L microcontrollers with ultra-low-power RF sub-GHz circuits help ensure the most stringent battery lifetime expectancy. Our RF product family includes sub-GHz RF transceivers supporting WM-BUS and proprietary mesh protocols as well as dual-interface NFC/RFID interface tags for device pairing.