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Mobility services

Mobility services are growing rapidly as vehicles become more connected. Powerful processing, vehicle connectivity and innovative sensors enable new possibilities for software service developers and a wealth of applications for car owners.  Car Safety enhancing services like emergency call in the event of an accident rely on sensors to detect an accident, on telematics processing and GNSS positioning to transmit the accident location, and on cameras to record the event and provide advance information to the arriving emergency services. Insurance boxes can record events prior to accidents but are also changing the market by enabling driver monitoring which provides data to customize tariffs on the driver's behavior.  Other mobility services range from fleet management, to car sharing, from free parking place detection to road tolling

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Our products and solutions

All these services rely on automotive sensors, processing and communications semiconductors available from ST. 

As the car evolves from a personal vehicle to a shared service provided by a fleet of driverless vehicles in a smart city environment the level of offered services will grow dramatically. ST's products are used in many advanced driving systems, and our proven record in secure connectivity and sensor technologies can serve as the platform on which Mobility services can be built.