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Fleet management and car sharing on-board unit (OBU)

Companies owning or leasing vehicle fleets as well as fleet-management service providers need more advanced means than ever to access information about each vehicle’s position and status in real-time  in order to best monitor, track and deploy their vehicles.  Dedicated telematics systems installed in each vehicle collect this wealth of information and make it available to the fleet manager for scheduling maintenance and servicing tasks – to lower the risk of breakdown and help protect the investment – and to ensure user’s rights in accessing the vehicle for use in remote vehicle disabling systems, for example.

Our products and solutions

ST’s wide product portfolio can help build complete vehicle telematics systems for fleet management solutions with a range of GNSS modules & GNSS ICs ,automotive-grade NFC transceiver ICs for smart car access, SPC5 32-bit Power Architecture microcontrollers with embedded an hardware security module (HSM), secure elements, Bluetooth connectivity ICs and MEMS inertial anti-tamper sensors.