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Power bank

A power bank is a portable device with one or more internal batteries that can charge other battery-powered devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers through USB Type-C ports or wireless charging. It can also supply various-USB-Type-C-powered accessories such as speakers, lights, small fans, and digital camera battery chargers. Power bank units should generally supply between 30 W and 200 W.

Power Bank Design Considerations

Power Bank Design Considerations

Good power bank designs require optimal power management solutions to ensure the right user experience and critical safety and reliability aspects. Users appreciate highest charging performance and efficiency in the smallest possible design, along with accurate feedback regarding residual charge and other useful information.

In terms of certification, power bank designs must include appropriate protections to avoid or immediately stop dangerous operating conditions. While power management devices and ICs come with embedded protections, they rely on accurate voltage, current, and temperature sensing and feedback to ensure proper behavior.

Our products and solutions for power bank applications

ST offers comprehensive solutions for power bank applications, from its wide portfolio of STM32 microcontroller families to high precision DC-DC converters and high-performance power MOSFET. ST also offers complete product ranges for analog devices, accurate temperature sensing and protection solutions, and high charging current USB Type-C interfaces.