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Smart chargers and adapters

We are using smartphones and tablets so intensively that many need to top up their batteries several times –and quickly – every day using power banks, simple battery chargers and even wireless (inductive) charging pads. To ensure consumers' electronic devices remained charged, many technologies – and associated standards to ensure interoperability - designed to improve convenience and ease of use are available today including wireless charging, quick charge and USB Type-C and Power Delivery.

Adapters for tablets, notebooks, and AIO

In order to meet market requirements, power AC-DC adapters for notebooks and tablets need to be small, thin, lightweight, and provide excellent EMI performance as well as ultra-low, highly efficient standby power, regardless of the load conditions. 
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USB Type-C PD Adapters and Quick Chargers

The new slim and reversible USB Type-C™ connector with USB Power Delivery (PD) feature provides up to 100 W (20 V, 5 A) enabling a faster and more efficient charging solution. Having considerably expanded the capability of USB devices, these connecto
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Our products and solutions

ST can help engineers design charging solutions that meet requirements set by the mainstream standards – as well as proprietary charging protocols – with innovative converter architectures enabling best-in-class energy efficiency and power density as well as ensuring the lowest possible stand-by power. 

To help developers meet challenging design goals, ST offers a rich set of hardware and software evaluation and development tools as well as reference designs.

Webinar: ST-ONE+ MasterGaN World’s highest power density solution for USB-PD chargers