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Accessories for smartphones and tablets cover a very rich product range from battery chargers to sophisticated devices to enhance the user experience like smart pens, keyboards, and speakers as well as true wireless headsets and earbuds. Easily syncing with your existing smartphone, these companion devices are creating new trends as they offer multi-device capabilities for ensuring the most seamless, interactive user experience.

Earbuds and headsets (TWS)

Headsets come in a wide variety of form factors and functionality.  The primary function of a headset is to deliver high quality stereo music and sound, but the most advanced headsets incorporate a number of other functions including microphones for
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IoT tags and tracking devices

We are living in a world where we have a large number of personal objects such as a mobile phone, car keys, laptop, headphones, etc. and more. This makes it increasingly difficult to keep tabs on all our valuables and possessions. This has brought ab
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On today’s computers, keyboards connect with the host most often via a wireless connection and offer a growing number of alternative text-input methods – including microphones – in addition to the classical key matrix. We have a range of wireless con
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Smart pen

A digital pen is an input device that converts the analog signals of handwriting or brush strokes into a digital format. Initially designed as an accessory to smartphones, PDAs and tablets with instant writing or drawing ability on their displays, to
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Speaker, smart speaker, and audio hub

The traditional speaker market has evolved in recent years to go far beyond audio amplification. Speakers have gone wireless, allowing much more freedom in their installation and placement in the home, and more recently speakers have become smart. Sm
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Key Challenges

In recent years, we have experienced an increase in the demand for accessories that support multimedia applications and work across several devices.  No longer simple gadgets, these devices are essential to ensure a smooth interaction with smartphones, tablets, and other handhelds as well as easily access a new generation of personalized web services.

In addition to requiring a wide set of technologies including multiple wireless connectivity protocols, the latest accessories include MEMS sensors for real-time health and fitness monitoring as well as tracking environmental conditions. Of course, efficient power management architectures are also necessary to ensure an extended battery life.

Our Products and Solutions

As a creator of unique technologies and products that provide our customers the best solutions to address their challenges and opportunities, ST provides a wide selection of ultra-low-power STM32 microcontrollers, power management ICs, analog devices and wireless charging ICs for all major standards and technologies.

In addition to having the widest range of MEMS sensors covering a full spectrum of environmental monitoring and motion sensing applications and ESD protection devices, we offer an extensive portfolio of NFC tag and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity solutions.

Moreover, ST provides a comprehensive set of both hardware and software development tools and other developer resources to help you reduce development time and costs while gaining market share thanks to a shorter time to market.