Audio amplifiers

From the leading supplier of audio amplifiers, ST’s portfolio offers:

  • Wide product range, with output power ranging from a few mW up to 250 W per channel, from any analog or digital audio-signal source
  • Class AB, class D and class G amplifiers
  • Broad set of configuration possibilities to support your application needs
  • A variety of packages, including tiny packages for space-constrained applications
  • High efficiency amplifiers, reducing power dissipation and the need for larger heatsinks
  • Automotive grade solutions

We offer a product range covering applications ranging from headphones to the most powerful subwoofers, with a broad set of configuration possibilities, suitable for any performance and cost requirements.

TDA7498E brings superior sound and sleek style to advanced audio systems

The TDA7498E amplifier offers flexible audio-system configuration, in both stereo and mono modes, and also includes the mono parallel feature for driving the subwoofer/woofer channel in 2.1 sound set-ups. To maximize the speaker output power, sound-system manufacturers require high-efficiency amplifiers capable of driving speakers at low impedances of 2 or 3 ohms, which creates a challenge by increasing device sizes. The device’s high-current capability not only delivers high output power, but also enables the design of platform solutions where the speaker impedance can be simply changed - from 8 down to 2 ohms - without any power or current limitation.