Class-D Audio Power Amplifiers

ST’s analog switch-mode class D audio amplifiers enable a higher efficiency, thus reducing the power dissipation and the need for larger heatsinks.

The class D portfolio ranges from 2 W up to 2 x 160 W in mono and stereo configurations and offers:

  • Filtered and filterless operation
  • Externally synchronizable
  • Surface-mount PSO and PSSO36 slug-up and -down packages for optimized space

TDA7491P 10W+10W dual BTL class-D audio amplifier

The TDA7491P is a dual BTL class-D audio amplifier with single power supply designed for LCD TVs and monitors.
Thanks to the high efficiency and exposed-pad-down (EPD) package no separate heatsink is required.
Furthermore, the filterless operation allows a reduction in the external component count.
The TDA7491P is pin-to-pin compatible with the TDA7491LP and TDA7491HV.