Headphone and Low Power Amplifiers

ST’s headphone and low-power amplifier portfolio offers the design and feature flexibility needed to fit your application perfectly:

  • Class AB, class G and filterless class D architectures for optimal audio performance and power efficiency
  • Integrated features to reduce bill of materials, such as capless and filterless amplification
  • Many packaging options, including ultra-tiny packages for applications where board space is at a premium

A22H165: available either I2C controlled or in u-less config

The A22H165 is a class-G stereo headphone driver dedicated to high audio performance, high power efficiency and space-constrained applications. When powered by a battery, the buck converter generates the appropriate voltage to the amplifier depending on the amplitude of the audio signal to supply the headsets. It achieves a total 2.1 mA current consumption at 100 μW output power (10 dB crest factor). Stand-by current consumption  is as low as 0.6μA thus guaranteeing and extended battery life. The A22H165 comes into flip chip package measuring 1.65x1.65x0.6mm, 16 bumps, 0.4mm pitch. Combining high efficiency, high audio quality and small size into a single device, the A22H165 is the perfect match for portable applications such as smartphones, tablets and media players.