Automotive Power MOSFETs

ST offers a wide selection of automotive MOSFETs meeting various automotive system requirements. The AEC-Q101 MOSFETs are available with a breakdown voltage from – 80 V (p-channel) up to 1200 V (n-channel) and are available in the most common package options for increased design flexibility.

Their low on-resistance and superior switching performance, combined with excellent quality and high avalanche ruggedness, enable more robust, reliable and power-efficient automotive applications.

Main characteristics:

  • - 80 V to 1200 V automotive-grade enhancement-mode power MOSFETs
  • Planar, advanced trench and super-junction technologies for low switching and conduction losses
  • Standard and logic level gate-source threshold voltage (VGS(th))
  • Max. operating junction temperature (TJ(Max)): 175 °C and 150 °C
  • Broad range of power packages (high current capability)