High Side Switches for 24V Board Net

In addition to the standard 12 V high-side switches for passenger vehicles, ST has developed a new family of VIPower products for 24 V (truck) applications. Based on state-of-the-art M0-5 technology and these devices have been designed to work in the harsher environmental conditions found in truck applications, where battery voltage is twice as high and the stray inductance of the wire harness is significantly higher, as compared to cars. In addition, the required lifetime of the electronics is significantly higher due to the longer working life of trucks.

High-side drivers/ switches only require a simple TTL logic input, and incorporate a diagnostic feedback to the microcontroller. For full protection of the application/device, the following features have been implemented: 

  • Over-load / over-temperature protection with the programmable latch off functionality
  • Open-load detection
  • Protection, against loss of ground and loss of Vcc
  • Programmable stand-by mode

They are designed to work from -40 to +150°C. ST’s portfolio includes single and dual devices, with analog status and on-resistance values ranging from 6 mΩ to 100 mΩ, in a range of different packaging.