High Side Switches with SPI and Asymmetrical Outputs

VIPower* M0-9 technology introduces a new generation of automotive intelligent switches, the first in the market with digital current sensing among the fully digital on-chip diagnostic features.

Designed for high-side connection in applications powered from a 12V battery, the drivers simplify the hardware and software design of electronic control units (ECUs) and enhance system reliability.

The new devices leverage ST’s latest-generation of VIPower* M0-9 technology to combine an efficient 40V trench vertical MOSFET with 3.3V digital logic, and high-precision analog circuitry in a 6 x 6 mm QFN package. Their compact dimensions and high integration save up to 40% of PCB area compared to comparable driver ICs already in the market.

By providing a complex driver that operates independently from the application, these intelligent high-side drivers simplify AUTOSAR compliance and ease software development.

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VN9D5D20F VN9D30Q100F VN9D7D20F VN9Q25D70F VN9D5D20FN VN9E30F