Low Side Switches

ST offers a wide range of automotive-grade smart 3 and 5-pin low-side switches (OMNIFET) based on VIPower (vertical intelligent power) technology. This proprietary technology allows integration of complete digital and analog control and protection circuits driving a vertical power MOSFET, all on the same chip.

Low-side switches, with their integrated extra features, are power switches that can handle high currents in a safe way and in compliance with the harsh automotive environment. They only require a simple TTL logic input (or a CMOS logic input for 5-pin switch). Such devices are power-MOSFET pin-to-pin compatible, guarantee real-time load control and are protected against over-temperature, so protecting the entire board. Our latest 5-pin devices also offer diagnostic features.   Low-side switches are designed to work from -40 to +150°C. 

ST's low-side switch and driver product portfolio includes single and dual drivers with digital status and on-resistance values ranging from 10 mΩ to 300 mΩ. These versatile devices address many power applications in automotive body electronics, and are available in a wide variety of packages.

OMNIFET III fully protected Low Side Drivers

Ruggedness and improved reliability are major criteria when choosing a solid state power switch for inductive or resistive loads, especially in the automotive environment. With the OMNIFET III series, manufactured with ST’s proprietary VIPower M0-5 technology, new limits are attained with the power limitation overload protection scheme that limits the current below the higher threshold (IlimH ) during inrush, while reducing the threshold to a lower value (IlimL) during thermal cycling, so limiting thermal stresses and increasing the global lifetime of the device.  Furthermore, with their open load and short circuits to Vcc detection, active even with device in off-state, OMNIFET III low side drivers are the safest way to drive and protect a lamp or any other load in a car.

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