SPC5 32-bit Automotive MCUs

The SPC5 family of 32-bit Automotive Microcontrollers is designed to accommodate a wide range of automotive applications ranging from Gateways, Electro Mobility, and ADAS to Engine and Transmission control, Body, Chassis and Safety.
Based on a Power PC Architecture, SPC5 microcontrollers provide up to 3 cores operating at up to 200 MHz and with a 165 °C junction temperature.

Designed to comply with Automotive AEC-Q100 standards, SPC5 microcontrollers deliver:

  • Longevity: 15 years guaranteed, extended to 20 years for SPC56 family
  • Safety: Up to ASIL-D
  • Security: Secure key storage with hardware acceleration (HSM), Evita and SHE compliant.
  • Operating temperature: full operation guaranteed from -40 to 165 °C (TJ)
  • Data integrity: up to 10 Mbytes of Flash memory with ECC, 250 Kcycles endurance and high-temperature data retention
  • Communication: CAN-FD, Ethernet, LIN, DSPI, and FlexRay.

The SPC5 family consists of two sub-families:

SPC5 General Purpose and Performance sub families offer a wide range of product options that target application-specific needs, as well as different safety and security levels.

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