SPC57 K Line MCUs

Our new SPC57 K Line MCUs comply with the most stringent automotive safety standards strengthening ST’s product line of fault-tolerant microcontrollers for demanding applications throughout the car.

SPC57 K Line 32-bit MCUs are based on the Power Architecture® core aimed at making automobiles safer. The K Line targets powertrain controller applications for four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, chassis control applications, transmission control applications, steering and braking applications, as well as low-end hybrid applications.

SPC57 K Line 32-bit MCUs increase system performance by using an optimized multicore MCU architecture:

  • A main processor core (e200z4) running in lockstep with its one checker core and an I/O processor core (e200z2) ensure a hardware structure that best manages performance, power dissipation and safety requirements.
  • Multicore architecture improves system flexibility by dedicating each core for specific tasks, for example:
    • Computational core targeting the computing engine requirements
    • Safety core to run safety-critical application tasks
    • Peripheral core for managing peripherals and signal preprocessing (knock detection, in-cylinder pressure signal preprocessing, …).

SPC57 K Line is ST’s first MCU line implementing a GTM (Generic Timer Module) to manage real-time high-performance applications and the ISO CAN FD protocol to augment automotive network capability.