Stellar P Motion Control

car in front of sunsetDesigned to meet the demands of integrating the next generation of drivetrains, electrification solutions and domain-oriented systems, the Stellar P series delivers a new level of real-time performance, safety, and determinism.



Embedding a non-volatile phase-change memory of up to 20 Mbytes, Stellar P integration MCUs deliver fast read access times and enable the innovative dual-image storage feature for best-in-class over-the-air (OTA) updates. With its unique dual-image storage feature, Stellar P microcontrollers can store up to 2x 20 Mbytes for OTA reprogramming purposes, providing significant savings in terms of memory needs.



Stellar P MCUs manage increasing software complexity and integration with better use of its hardware resources. Its unique architecture and hardware-based virtualization capabilities is built on Cortex®-R52 cores and firewalls to access resources, simplifying the development and integration of multiple-source software on the same chip while ensuring safe isolation, determinism, and performance.

e-Drivetrain and battery management systems
  • Centralized motion control
    (e-Mobility, chassis & safety, PWT)
  • e-Drivetrain integration
  • Inverter
  • Battery management
Vehicle stability and motion control
Chassis & Safety
  • Centralized motion control
    (chassis & safety, PWT)
Secure & safe ADAS systems
  • Secure & safe ADAS companion
Vehicle engine (ICE)
Powertrain for ICE
  • Centralized motion control
    (chassis & safety, PWT)
  • ICE integration


Product types

Stellar P MCUs deliver high real-time and deterministic processing capabilities at lowest possible power, featuring up to six Arm Cortex®-R52 cores — some operating in Lockstep and others in Split-lock mode. A scalable solution, Stellar P MCUs fulfill different application needs in terms of safety levels and processing capabilities.



  • Superior real-time performance at lowest power
  • Hardware-enabled software isolation/virtualization
  • Best-in-class over-the-air update
  • State-of-the-art safety measures for efficient ISO 26262 ASIL-D implementation
  • EVITA Full HSM enhanced with high-speed cryptographic services and safe network authentication
  • Advanced timers - including GTM4 – with fast analog capability and embedded advanced signal processing, dedicated sensor/actuator interfaces, and high-temperature support (up to junction temperature of 165°C),
  • High-bandwidth Ethernet options and new high-performance CAN XL protocol (on Stellar P6) to ensure low-latency high-safety communication among domains and in the peripheral actuation ECUs of the vehicle
  • 28nm FD-SOI technology delivers a quasi-immunity to radiations

Stellar P microcontrollers are the ideal solution for next-generation drivetrain and electrification systems.