Isolated ADCs

Enhance accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness with high-performance galvanic isolated ADCs.

Isolated analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are second-order sigma-delta modulators that convert analog values into a 1-bit stream and are able to withstand high common-mode voltages.Combining a high-frequency external clock input and wide bandwidth, our isolated ADCs provide very high accuracy thanks to the improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The isolation grade and a high level of transient immunity are keys to reliably sensing currents and voltages to ensure the robustness and high performance of many industrial applications.

Available with either a TTL (ISOSD61T) or LVDS (ISOSD61L) input, these 1-bit sigma-delta modulators have an output peripheral separated from the input modulator by a galvanically isolated barrier providing protection up to 6000 VPEAK.  The ISOSD61 is a 16-bit resolution analog to digital converter with no missing code. Full-featured evaluation boards designed to let you explore all the features of the ISOSD61 isolated analog-to-digital converters (ADC) are also available. The Sigma-Delta ADC family is supported by several reference designs to expedite development phase and time to market.

The family is qualified over a –40 to +125°C extended industrial temperature range and is ideal for current and voltage sensing in industrial motor control, solar inverters, UPS, electric vehicle chargers, factory automation, telecom and server power supplies as they represent the best trade-off between accuracy, reliability, physical size and cost.