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STLUX™ and STNRG snippets codes

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Product overview


This package includes several “code snippets” that introduce the SMED development ecosystem of the STLUX and STNRG digital platform. The snippets are designed to be used in conjunction with the STEVAL-ILL075V1 and STEVAL-ISA164V1 evaluation boards.

The package is composed of five guide examples targeting the STLUX, and three more examples targeting the STNRG. These examples are incrementally built and intended as a starting point for developers working with the STLUX toolset and libraries for handling the STM8 core, peripherals and SMEDs. All STLUX guide examples can be tested on the STEVAL-ILL075V1 evaluation board. All STNRG guide examples can be tested on the STEVAL-ISA164V1 evaluation board.

  • All features

    • 5 code snippets for STLUX™ and STNRG
    • 3 additional codes to exploit STNRG features
    • Source code included
    • Device requires:
      • SMED configurator GUI
      • STLUX compiler
      • SWIM interface for debugging

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