Bridge Rectifier Diodes

Bridge rectifiers

The automotive-qualified 800 V and industrial-grade 1200 V 30 A and 60 A bridge rectification diodes are designed for low-frequency 50/60 Hz mains supply rectification.

Bridge rectifier diodes are commonly implemented in the front-end of many power conversion systems, and our high 1200 V reverse voltage diode with 1500 V peak specification for nonrepetitive transients helps ensure that power converters can work with most mains supplies.

When addressing efficiency targets, the STBR bridge diodes with less than 1 V forward voltage drop help designers build solutions that can satisfy the stringent requirements of standards and authorities.

The 175°C maximum junction temperature ensures reliable performance in industrial operating conditions.


Product types:

Both 800 V AEC-Q101 series and 1200 V industrial series are available in 30 A and 60 A.

    1200 V industrial series:
  • 30 A (STBR3012) devices available in D2PAK HV and DO-247.
  • 60 A (STBR6012) device in DO-247.
    800 V AEC-Q101 series:
  • The 30 A (STBR3008-Y) devices are available in H2PAK-2 and DO-247.
  • The 60 A (STBR6008-Y) device in DO-247.

Discover our portfolio

800 V to 1200 V bridge diodes portfolio


    ST diodes enable excellent performance in new ultrafast electric vehicle battery charging applications requiring parallel unit feeds and supply redundancy (ORing circuits).
  • High voltage capability: up to 1200 V reverse voltage and 1500 V peak ensure greater operating margin and design freedom
  • Less than 1 V forward voltage drop for higher overall system efficiency
  • 175°C maximum junction temperature for compliance with industrial operating conditions

New HV D2PAK package for more robust rectifiers in bridge applications

ST's new high-voltage capable D2PAK package (TO-262) helps designers solve PCB routing issues and pass the IEC 60664-1 standard for creepage distance requirements.

Our STBR3012 (30 A) STBR6012 (60 A) high-voltage rectifiers are designed to comply with international creepage requirements in heavy-duty applications that demand long-term reliability, especially for on board chargers in automotive applications and for all SMPS and UPS solutions in industrial applications.

In addition to their ultra-low conduction and reverse losses, these high-quality diodes ensure a better design margin with a guaranteed VRRM up to -40 °C.