Signal Schottky

Small-signal Schottky diodes are versatile components used across multiple industry segments. The Schottky barrier diodes are used for signal-routing tasks, rail-to-rail protection and RF applications, such as balanced mixers and demodulators. Devices above 100 mA enter the converter application field with rectification tasks, or discrete OR-ing function.

ST’s portfolio of small-signal Schottky barrier diodes offer forward voltages from 200 mV to 1 V with repetitive peak reverse voltages ranging from 10 to 100 V.

The package range of ST Signal-Schottky diodes has recently been upgraded with the 0.4 mm pitch Chip Scale Package for our 30 V BAT30F4 Schottky diode, making it perfect for smartphones and wearables.

Tools allow designers to quickly find the field-effect rectifier or Schottky diode that best fits their application using our online Schottky & FERD eTool simulator