ST’s small-signal and power Schottky range features diodes from 15 V up to 200 V (with the STPS60SM200C) made of robust avalanche capable technologies.
In power conversion, the new M series and low VF series help designers meet environmental standards such as 80+ and Energy Star, through a reduced VF of up to 100 mV compared to previous generation diodes.

In addition, the increased converter efficiency is combined with smaller packages. The new PowerFLAT™ packaged devices offer enhanced power density.
The robustness of their technology makes ST’s diodes highly suited to the bypass function in solar panel junction boxes, with mainly 45 V devices, housed in D²PAK and new PowerFLAT™ packages.

ST recently introduced a new narrow-leaded TO-220AB package, particularly suited for use in semi-slim or slim-type notebook adapters. Thanks to its narrower lead shoulders, this package can be completely inserted inside the PCB. Power Schottky rectifiers rated at 60 V, 80 V, 100 V and 120 V are already available in this package, and more diodes are to come.


Power Schottky diodes portfolio