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NFC Sensor TAG mobile application

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Product overview


The STNFCSensor application, available for iOS and Android, shows the data exported by sensor nodes via the NFC protocol.

It allows you to configure and read data from any system running the FP-SNS-SMARTAG1 function pack (for example, the STEVAL-SMARTAG1 evaluation board).

You can configure the app by choosing the sampling intervals, the sensor data logged and the conditions to trigger data logging.

After configuration, the app shows data in informative plots, identifies significant events, such as high acceleration and changes in orientation, and exports data to a csv file.

The embedded ST25DV series Dynamic NFC Tag energy harvesting feature allows using the STEVAL-SMARTAG1 without a battery and reading sensor data in one shot mode.

  • All features

    • Sensor data reception and command transmission over NFC (near field communication)
    • Support for multiple STM32 ODE function packs and evaluation boards
    • Available on Android and iOS stores
    • Data logging support
    • Data plotting support

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