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STC3115 Open source driver

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Product overview


This data brief describes the STSW-BAT001 which is an open source driver to manage the STC3115.

This driver is a ready-to-use, configurable software which allows the STC3115 gas gauge IC to be rapidly integrated into a final system software.

The STC3115 open source driver provides a full API which initializes, controls, and returns STC3115 data with simple input information.

The open source driver is available for free to handle application use cases and to manage the complexity of STC3115 initialization. It is intended only for example purposes.

  • All features

    • Initializes the STC3115 registers
    • Reads and returns battery status information
    • Manages battery detection features
    • Saves and recovers battery information
    • Manages the RAM memory of the STC3115
    • Provides the power-saving mode API of the STC3115
    • Provides the alarm API of the STC3115
    • STSW-BAT001 is independent of the operating system
    • STSW-BAT001 is independent of the processor model

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