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Product overview


The STSW-BLUENRG-DK is an evaluation SW package based on BlueNRG, BlueNRG-MS network coprocessors which are low power Bluetooth® Smart IC, compliant, respectively, with the Bluetooth® 4.0 and 4.1 specifications, and supporting both master and slave roles.

The STSW-BLUENRG-DK SW package supports the BlueNRG, BlueNRG-MS kits platforms available on related web pages. It provides a complete ACI (application command interface) framework running over the STM32L1xx microcontroller, and allowing to interact with the BlueNRG, BlueNRG-MS network coprocessors through an SPI interface in order to issue commands to the BLE stack and get related events. Further, the SW package provides a set of BLE demonstrations applications allowing to show some typical Bluetooth Low Energy working scenarios.

The BlueNRG GUI, included in the software package, is a graphical user interface that can be used for sending standard and vendor-specific HCI commands to the BlueNRG, BlueNRG-MS devices and receive events from them. The BlueNRG GUI also provides some utilities allowing to upgrade the STM32L1xx software image and the BlueNRG, BlueNRG-MS stack images and related IFR configuration. It also allows to save the current list of sent commands and received events on a CSV file and to reload them. Further, it provides a script tool which can be used to load and run user scripts based on ACI APIs and related stack events. These scripts can also be run through a standalone BlueNRG script launcher utility provided within the SW package.

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    • Bluetooth® SMART SW package supporting BlueNRG and BlueNRG-MS low energy network processors
    • BlueNRG and BlueNRG-MS stack binary images and related IFR configurations files for configuring the BLE stack according to the selected platform configuration
    • STM32L1xx ACI (application command interface) framework allowing to control BlueNRG, BlueNRG-MS operations through a set of commands and related events acting over the SPI interface
    • BLE demonstrations applications (source, header files and EWARM projects) supporting both BlueNRG, BlueNRG-MS devices and related kits platforms
    • BlueNRG GUI (graphical user interface) allowing to interact and evaluate the capabilities of the BlueNRG, BlueNRG-MS network processors
    • BlueNRG script launcher utility allowing to interact with the BlueNRG, BlueNRG-MS devices through user scripts

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