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eDSim: fast and powerful electrical simulation software for SMPS and analog ICs

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Product overview


eDSim is a fast and powerful electrical simulation tool for SMPS and analog ICs, integrated in the eDesignSuite tool. It features enhanced accuracy and higher convergence speed for SMPS, enabling a simulation time 10-50x faster than the classical analog SPICE simulators.

The tool is a specific version of the SIMPLIS/SIMetrix simulation environment paired with ST model components, for a full electrical simulation with no limitation of nodes and circuit size.

Design your analog circuit using the eDesignSuite engine, display a preview of it in few seconds with full annotated schematic and BOM, and then run the electrical simulation through eDSim to get fast and accurate simulations and reliable design validation, thus reducing the effort and risks related to hardware prototyping.

With the eDSim tool you can also create your schematic from scratch using ST models or simulate your SMPS and analog ICs from a list of predefined ST application schematics - test benches, that you can partially modify according to your needs.

Software release 2024.03 is now available.


To ensure that you are using the latest IC models, compare the release date of the eDSim version installed on your PC with the latest IC models available here: STMicroelectronics eDSim Software.

  • All features

    • Built-in interface with eDesignSuite
    • SMPS circuit full modeling using ST components
    • Time domain simulation
    • Control loop stability
    • Predefined application use-case simulation
    • Schematic editor for customization
    • Waveform viewer with measurement capabilities

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