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DC-DC converters

A DC-DC switching converter is used to locally supply any component or part of a system with the desired DC voltage and current. Depending on the application's relationship between the input and output voltage, engineers have to choose the best power topology – buck, boost, buck-boost or inverting, with or without synchronous rectification. Or they can decide to use an implementation based on monolithic ICs or with discrete power switches and controllers – or even an advanced digital implementation. Whatever their choice, the right semiconductor products are key to meeting their specific efficiency and size design targets.

Boost converter

In a boost DC-DC converter, the output voltage is higher than the input voltage including in a floating boost topology where the output does not share the reference point with the input. Boost DC-DC topologies are often used in battery-operated equip
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Buck converter

A buck or step-down topology is used in DC-DC switching converters where the output voltage is lower than the input with or without input-output isolation.
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Buck-boost converter

In a buck-boost DC-DC converter topology, the output voltage can be higher or lower than the input voltage. Often used in battery-operated equipment, a buck-boost DC-DC converter requires high-efficiency and ultra-low stand-by current as well as a sm
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Our products and solutions

ST’s broad product portfolio includes highly-integrated DC-DC converters, power MOSFETs and rectifiers, protection ICs, linear voltage regulators, and specifically designed digital controllers and STM32 microcontrollers. We also provide a comprehensive range of hardware and software evaluation and development tools including our eDesignSuite that helps engineers design high-efficiency DC to DC converters.

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      eDSim: fast and powerful electrical simulation software for SMPS and analog ICs

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      eDSim: fast and powerful electrical simulation software for SMPS and analog ICs