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Graphical user interface for STEVAL-IME014V1B

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Product overview


The graphical user interface for the STEVAL-IME014V1B evaluation kit helps to configure the STHV1600 16-channel high voltage pulser for ultrasound imaging applications and build custom waveforms to test the device.

The GUI allows setting up environment variables like clock and pulse frequencies, as well as waveform operating modes.

  • All features

    • Interface to configure the STHV1600 16-channel high voltage pulser
    • Waveform editor to create and save user waveforms
    • Standalone software; does not need to be installed
    • Configurable system clock (CLKSYS) frequency: 10 MHz, 50 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz
    • Configurable pulse repetition frequency (PRF) / repetition times (µs)
    • CW (Continuous wave) mode
    • PW (Pulsed wave) modes:
      • Single (trigger)
      • Continuous (multiple triggers)
    • Status register window for interrupt events
    • Register setting files in text and binary format
    • CMOS digital interface

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