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L6362A IO-Link communication transceiver device IC evaluation software based on STM32Cube

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Product overview


The STSW-IOD003 is an evaluation software for the STEVAL-IOD003V1 evaluation board which integrates the L6362A IO-Link transceiver device.

The software runs on the STM32 and provides basic management of the L6362A device.

It is built on top of STM32Cube software technology that eases portability across different STM32 microcontrollers.

The software comes with a sample implementation to show its main functionalities. It is compatible with NUCLEO-F401RE or NUCLEO-L073RZ when connected to a STEVAL-IOD003V1 evaluation board.

  • All features

    • Driver layer for the management of the L6362A IO-Link communication transceiver device IC integrated in the STEVAL-IOD003V1 evaluation board
    • GPIOs and IRQs configuration
    • I/Q channel control for reception and transmission
    • Fault interrupt handling
    • Sample application for controlling an L6362A device
    • Easy portability across different MCU families, thanks to STM32Cube
    • Free, user-friendly license terms

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