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Software pack for STEVAL-IOD04KT1 with IO-Link stack v1.1, IODD, and control software for industrial sensors

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Product overview


STSW-IOD04K is a software package, which lets you enable IO-Link communication between STEVAL-IOD004V1 (included in the STEVAL-IOD04KT1 but not available for separate sale) and an IO-Link master, through the L6364W transceiver.

Based on the STM32CubeHAL, the STSW-IOD04K extends STM32Cube. It provides a board support package (BSP) for IO-Link communication based on a demo-stack library that manages data coming from the internal L6364W temperature sensor and the two on-board MEMS industrial sensors: IIS2MDC (high accuracy, ultra-low-power, 3-axis digital output magnetometer) and ISM330DHCX (always-on 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope).

The architecture of this application software facilitates the integration with other STM32Cube-based software to create examples for the most common application technologies. Included libraries enable functions for a real and usable system for developers.

Hardware drivers and abstract low-level details allow the middleware components and applications to access data in a hardware-independent manner.

The middleware libraries include an ST proprietary IO-Link demo-stack.

You can use the STSW-IOD04K software package in different integrated development environments (IDEs): IAR, Keil, and STM32CubeIDE. It also includes the IODD file to be uploaded onto the user's IO-Link master.

  • All features

    • Firmware package to build IO-Link device applications based on the STM32G071EB microcontroller
    • Middleware libraries featuring IO-Link device demo-stack for L6364W to manage IIS2MDC and ISM330DHCX MEMS sensors
    • Ready-to-use binary for IO-Link device sensor data transmission
    • Easy portability across different MCU families, thanks to STM32Cube
    • Free, user-friendly license terms

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