IO-Link device description software for P-NUCLEO-IOD01A1

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  • The STSW-IODD01 IO-Link device description (IODD) XML file provides the P-NUCLEO-IOD01A1 multi-sensor system standardized description according to the IO-Link v1.1 specification.

    The software provides all the P-NUCLEO-IOD01A1 properties, data structure, diagnosis, parameters and related boundaries to establish a proper communication between master and sensor systems.
    For correct and complete featuring of the P-NUCLEO-IOD01A1, the STSW-IODD01 must be installed onto the IO-Link control tool of the IO-Link master connected to the board.
    The STSW-IODD01 is available free of charge on

    Key Features

    • Enables IO-Link master communication with P-NUCLEO-IOD01A1
    • Describes the P-NUCLEO-IOD01A1 to the IO-Link master in IO-Link standardized form