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Firmware for RF transceiver board included in the M24LR-DISCOVERY kit

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Product overview


This package contains all source files to compile STSW-M24LR007 firmware for the transceiver demonstration board included in the M24LR-DISCOVERY kit.

The MCU used together with CR95HF is the STM32F103, they emulate a multiprotocol transceiver.

The system called reader is built on top of STM32 standard Lib software technology.

This software must be used in combination with a PC Software application, communicating through USB. If the communication is not established, the firmware enters into an autonomous tag hunting loop, turning on a red LED every time a tag is detected.

The software is an example of CR95HF capabilities in reader mode.

  • All features

    • UART/SPI drivers to communicate between MCU and CR95HF.
    • NFC library to build applications using CR95HF NFC reader.
    • USB API to communicate with PC software application.
    • Based on STM32 MCU standard library.

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