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Firmware for the STEVAL-POEL45W1 PoE-enabled constant current LED driver

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Product overview


The STSW-POEL45FW is the firmware for the STEVAL-POEL45W1 PoE-enabled constant current LED driver, based on the PM8805 PoE interface, the LED6000 driver and the SPBTLE-1S Bluetooth module. The firmware communicates with the PoE Lighting Android application and manages the LED driver for on/off modes and dimming by controlling the 500 Hz PWM duty cycle generated by the firmware itself.
The LEDs can be dimmed up to 1% of the maximum brightness without any flicker.
  • All features

    • Firmware implementation based on the SPBTLE-1S Bluetooth module
    • Source code freely available with developer-friendly license terms
    • PoE Lighting Android application freely available on Google Play

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