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ST25 MQTT Client for ST25DV64KC LoRa provisioning demonstration

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Product overview


This demonstration is a joined development between STMicroelectronics and ISCA-Lab from Hellenic Mediterranean University.

LoRa® is a long-range, low data rate and lower-power wireless communication system used in Industrial IoT applications like smart metering, sensor monitoring, alarm.

Each LoRa® device is provisioned with some cryptographic keys and registered on a LoRaWAN® network.

The current demonstration shows how a ST25DV64KC NFC Tag can be used to:

This demonstration leverage on The Things Network’s LoRaWAN® infrastructure.

Once this registration done, a dashboard, displayed in a web browser or on a smartphone, can be used to monitor all the data coming from the LoRa® device.

  • All features

    • Key provisioning of a LoRa® device
    • Registration of a LoRa® device on a LoRaWAN® server
    • Transmission of LoRa® events and data via MQTT notifications
    • Display of data coming from a LoRa® device

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