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ST25DV-I2C Linux user space driver

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STSW-ST25DV007 (applies to ST25DV04K, ST25DV16K, and ST25DV64K) and STSW-ST25DV009 (applies to ST25DV04KC, ST25DV16KC, and ST25DV64KC) software packages provide the Linux user space drivers and the associated examples for the ST25DV-I2C series Dynamic NFC Tags.

Both software packages allow the user to control an ST25DV-I2C dynamic tag from the user space of a Linux platform, by using the I2C and GPIO interfaces.

The packages (free, with user friendly license terms) come with a user manual describing their structure, and how to reuse them on a Linux platform.

  • All features

    • Linux® user space driver for the ST25DV-I2C series Dynamic NFC Tags
    • Available examples
      • Write NDEF URI message
      • Write NDEF Bluetooth® message
      • Activate GPO interrupt
      • Activate low-power down
      • Set I2C protection
      • Set I2C channel, for STSW-STDV009 only
      • Set I2C mode, for STSW-STDV009 only
      • Use ST25DV-I2C mailbox
      • ST25 FTM (fast transfer mode), for STSW-STDV007 only

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