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Power consumption optimization with STM32F3xx microcontrollers (AN4538)

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Product overview


Reducing power consumption while performing complex real time applications presents a major challenge for the recent embedded applications.

The STSW-STM32036 firmware describes how to optimize the power consumption of an application based on STM32F3xx microcontrollers (MCUs).

The STSW-STM32036 firmware runs on NUCLEO-F302R8 with STM32F302R8T6 MCU, 64KB flash memory, LQFP64 package, however can be tailored to any STM32F3 MCU.

The provided example is based on the USART, DMA, COMP, Timer, RTC peripherals using STM32F3xx low-power modes and features. For more details refer to application note AN4538.

  • All features

    • Power-saving methods and features.
    • Current consumption measurements.
    • Low-power application case.
    • Sleep, Stop, Stand-By.
    • Low-power peripherals: USART, COMP.

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