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STM32F0xx standard peripherals library

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Product overview


The STM32F0xx Standard Peripherals library STSW-STM32048 is a complete package, consisting of device drivers for all of the standard device peripherals, for STM32F0xx devices 32-bit Flash microcontrollers.

This library is a firmware package which contains a collection of routines, data structures and macros covering the features of STM32F0xx peripherals. It includes a description of the device drivers plus a set of examples for each peripheral. The firmware library allows any device to be used in the user application without the need for in-depth study of each peripheral’s specifications.

Using the STM32F0xx Standard Peripherals library has two advantages: it saves significant time that would otherwise be spent in coding, while simultaneously reducing application development and integration costs.

The STM32F0xx Standard Peripherals library is full CMSIS compliant.

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