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STSPIN Studio: Motor driver evaluation tool

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Product overview


The STSPIN Studio is a software for the evaluation of the STSPIN family devices.

For each device it is possible to refer to an integrated help file.

Through an intuitive GUI the user can control a stepper or a DC motor and display some useful parameters such as speed, position, and device status.

It is possible to set the parameters of the device to better control the performance of the motor. STSPIN Studio manages the on-line updating, allowing the user to easily download the last version of firmware for each evaluation board. Otherwise, the user can install an expansion package offline.

STSPIN Studio is based on STM32 Nucleo board development platform, that is used to quickly evaluate and start a development with the expansion board of STSPIN device family.

  • All features

    • Installation of the tool without admin right
    • Control interface for STSPIN devices
    • Easy to use and intuitive interface
    • Stepper and Brush DC motor
    • Integrated help for each board
    • Based on Nucleo environment
    • On-line update
    • Offline installation of expansion packages

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